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Ncite was approached by the Canadian telecom corporation TELUS to develop a leadership game. At TELUS, learning is a collaborative, continuous and connected process and the corporate learning managers are always on the lookout for new ways to engage employees on their learning and career journey.


Ncite set out to design a new way to engage leaders in their learning and career journey. TELUS wanted to explore on how gaming could be used to help learning, specifically, how games can be designed and used to educate leader on the TELUS leadership competencies.

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Ignite Leadership Image
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We designed a game where players were tasked with coaching a sports team to success. Taking on the role of a sports coach enables players to develop their ability to think about skill development, performance and goals. The result is IGNITE, a deep practice learning simulation that uses TELUS' culture, values and behaviors as base content to help employees improve their leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, problem solving and other important aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

Ignite Leadership Image
Ignite Leadership Image


IGNITE was designed to develop the player's ability to lead using th e leadership competencies, both in-game and in the real world. Ncite's game learning approach focused on deep practice where new behavior is stabilized over the course of a few weeks of playing the game. At TELUS, future leaders took the lessons that made them successful in the game and started applying them in real-life situations. This lead to new behavior at the workplace and profound shifts in performance. Ignite is currently a part of TELUS’s high performer, high potential and MBA programs.