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Santillana is the largest educational publisher in the Spanish speaking part of the world and they are constantly on the lookout for innovative new content. Santillana identified an opportunity to create digital learning content that supplements the text books they deliver to thousands of schools and students. The challenge was to find a way to have students keep practicing concepts learned in the classroom and at the same time give teachers the tools to gain insights in individual performance.

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Ncite created a Ludi, a digital platform that consists of a mobile application for students with a suite of 120 mini games as well as a web dashboard for teachers with access to user engagement and performance data. The mini games pick up where the school books left off, they are an extension of the classroom experience providing a personal space to keep practicing learning content ranging from math, literature, geography, history and English. The mini games are embedded in a gamification system that rewards students for exercises completed with points to climb to the top of the leaderboard or to customize their avatars. Teachers have access to all performance data and can use these insights to measure what has been learned and to reinforce difficult topics.


Thousands of students have downloaded the mobile application to their phones and are regularly using the app to complete exercises in the form of games. The engagement and learning progress rates show that the students have fun while they are learning. Teachers are frequently using the web dashboard to check up on progress in their classrooms. Ludi has turned into a viable technologically-driven alternative for Santillana to bridge the gap from text book to digital and to extend the reach of their learning material from the classroom into the homes of students.