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Fundación Capital is an international foundation working to expand financial literacy and inclusion, innovating to help millions of families define their own paths out of poverty. The goal to reach 25 million people in 20 countries by 2020 resulted in the LISTA initiative, a financial education application with game elements designed specifically for impoverished households in Africa and Latin America. LISTA enables users to learn and practice how to save money, have responsible debt and how to use ATMs, among other financial topics. Ncite was approached to reinvent the existing digital solution and to prepare the stage for scaling it massively to global audiences.



We built a framework that allows rapid content creation and a suite of interactive learning mechanics that can be adapted to various types of learning contents. Our online and offline platform solution is now supporting Fundación Capital's 13 localized versions of the app, for use on two continents (Africa and Latin America), and in four different languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Kiswahili, and Kirundi).


Fundación Capital and its stakeholders have become convinced that when designed and implemented correctly, technological solutions can have significant social impact. A recent impact evaluation proved that LISTA users had better savings and budgeting habits, as well as more knowledge about basic personal finance, in comparison with their peers.