Our Story

  • 2019
    2019 – Transforming the world

    In 2019 and going forward, Ncite has managed to attract a pool of highly talented industry professionals and promising newbies. With our strategic partners, we continue to transform the world one digital solution at a time.

  • 2017
    2017 – Fernando Revilla - Chief Executive Officer

    Fernando has more than 20 years of experience in the educational sector with various executive positions for publishing giant Grupo Santillana. Before deciding to join Ncite, he was at the helm of Sistema Uno Mexico, the digital learning initiative reaching 250 thousand students in Latin America.

  • 2017
    2017 – Constant growth and diversification

    Ncite was going through constant growth and diversification for a number of years, shifting its attention towards mobile applications, data dashboards and other types of sophisticated game-based solutions. In 2017, the founding partners invited Fernando Revilla to join the company as its managing partner and CEO.

  • 2014
    2014 – Abraham Morales - Director of Educational Technology

    Abraham comes from a long tradition of educators in the North of Mexico and was a promising indie game developer before he decided to join Ncite. Abraham takes the lead on inventing new learning experiences by driving instructional design and educational technology.

  • 2014
    2014 – Jorge Chavez - Director of Game Technology

    Jorge's background is in the development and visual presentation side with him directing the Visual Effects department at TV Azteca for many years before turning his attention to the development of video games and becoming one of the premier Unity experts.

  • 2014
    2014 – Jochen Siess - Chief Operating Officer

    Jochen's background was in developing e-learning solutions in Germany for clients such as BMW and MINI, as well as working in the world's biggest video game studio as producer on the FIFA Soccer game. By co-founding Ncite, his professional experience came full circle by combining digital education with game principles.

  • 2014
    2014 – Mexican studio opens its doors

    Ncite Mexico was brought to life by Jochen Siess, Jorge Chavez and Abraham Morales in 2012. The founding members contributed with their diverse trajectories to creation of a different kind of digital transformation agency, heavily infused with game development principles and gamification best practices.

  • 2012
    2012 – Michael Shaun Conaway - Founder

    Michael Shaun is a seasoned expert in making films about personal and professional development. He works in strategy, storytelling and branding for leading edge companies building solutions for a thriving future. In 2012 he founded Ncite in order to bridge the gap from storytelling to interactively experiencing transformation.

  • 2011
    2011 – A different kind of agency

    The company Ncite came into being in the course of a project delivered for The Coca Cola Company. A diverse team of international experts was put together to come up with a new way of training employees. The result was the project Go4Gold and the reception of our solution was full of praise. It was confirmation that we were on the right track and we decided to create a company dedicated to further exploring digital learning solutions.

  • 2008
    2008 – Breakthrough Course for Gap

    The future Ncite team creates the Breakthrough Course for Gap, an e-learning course in breakthrough thinking. This program is currently delivered in six languages with films and content developed by our team.

  • 2004
    2004 – Owens Corning Innovation program

    The future Ncite team produces, The Owens Corning Innovation program, a digital learning experience for 90,000 employees in 9 languages.